Sunday, March 12, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Still agonising over final choice of narrowboat builder. I'm 90% certain which one to choose. How do I break it to the other? Such nice people. I now have formal quotes from both, with numbers and words to support same. Big numbers. It's a certainty I will only ever see this much money in the same place once in my lifetime (without having it earmarked for something important like my retirement or a home).
I still want to hear a cocooned diesel engine to see just how quiet they are. But it looks as though the earliest I can do that is at the Crick Boat Show where the vendors (Beta Marine) are likely to have one on demonstraion. Oh well, roll on late May bank holiday weekend.

Cathy's New BalanceWrite Site

Cathy has been working hard on the content for her new site for the group she runs. I've just finished copying it up to Pipex.