Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cratch Fitted Temporarily

The cratch has been temporarily fitted so it can be measured for a cover.

The steerer's heating ducts have been fitted and the bathroom tiles have been cut ready for fitting.

The coach painting is still in progress and the kitchen sink has been delivered so the templates for the granite worktops can be completed.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Not Crick Boat Show

We set out this morning for the Crick boat show. Arrived at half past twelve looking forward to lunch and then a couple of hours looking around the trade stands and maybe a couple of new boats. We even had a shopping list (Fenders front and rear, lifejacket for small boy, Sea Searcher magnet for recovering lost metal objects from the bottom of the canal, small sofa bed, window blinds etc.) but the show had closed early due to high winds.

Disconsolate we headed over to Braunston for lunch hoping to find the Admiral Nelson but failed and instead found the Millhouse; a different pub entirely but we've enjoyed a pleasant meal there before when we went to Braunston to visit DB Doatfitters (web site appears to be broken). However when I tried to order lunch I was informed that the kitchen was too busy and it would be two hours before an order could be placed. We left.

After another half hour we found our way to the excellent Wharf at Bugbrooke which I cannot recommend highly enough. We arrived home at 4.00 PM having achieved very little in the day.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Syncopation in the Paint Dock

Syncopation is now in the paint dock being coach painted. During the last week the coach lines have been masked and the sides, panels and handrails have been undercoated. Even in undercoat, Syncopation is seriously shiny:

Inside, the curved doors have been fitted in the kitchen:

The exhaust has been fitted through the side of the hull, the electrical cupboard has been built and the controls have been fitted to the outside of the cupboard:

Side hatch glazing from the outside:

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Batteries Boxed

Syncopation's systems are being commissioned. The woodwork will be completed in the next week and she will move to dock for painting.

The heating system has been filled and tested. Most rooms have finrad type radiators at floor level except for the bathroom and the central bunk room. These two have towel rails:

The side hatches have been glazed. The glazed panels open as a bi-fold door:



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Front Doors Lined and Glazed

All the exterior doors have been lined in ash and the front doors have been glazed:

The heating system has been fitted but cannot be commissioned as we are short one radiator (still trying to decide what to fit: plain or fancy)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Syncopation Update

The saloon woodwork now has nearly all the trim strips in place and the light fittings have been put in place.

The cross-bed is just about complete with the ledge in place to support the slide out sections. The hospital silencer has arrived, as have many electrical components. The toilet has been fitted:

The vacuum cassette is located under the bed in the main cabin - as near to the door as can be arranged.