Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Return of Inverter

The inverter arrived back from Victron on Friday. I didn't immediately reconnect it to Syncopation's electrics because I want to change the electrical layout slightly. I have a feeling the inverter failure was due to frequently overloading it. Between then the oven and induction hob in the galley are capable of drawing about 11kW if everything was turned on at once. We've been careful in using them (never more than one zone on full and never more than two zones at once) the inverter has shut down due to overload a few times. I suspect we normally push the 3kW (2.5 kW continuous) inverter to its limit. In retrospect there should have been two or even three inverters in parallel to handle the load. My plan is therefore to cut the oven and hob out of the inverter circuit altogether and have the 5.5 Kw Travelpower generator drive them directly. We'll probably have to get a small electric kettle for evening cups of tea but that's a much cheaper option than buying new inverters at £1700 a pop.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Village at War

As Syncopation is moored in the next village I decided to go for a day trip to the 1940s. Stoke Bruerne's Village at War event was held this weekend. Arriving by boat saves the car parking charge. There's a daily re-enactment with lots of gunfire, plenty of old military vehicles to look at and a funfair to take rides on. Oh, and the working boats on the canal around the canal museum.
We watched nb Victoria and butty Angel moving up through the top lock.

The number of locals in period costume was impressive, both military re-enactors to civilians.

There were contingents of the Home Guard:

I was impressed with the full size replica Spitfire,

Complete with replica pilot

Even the Yanks were represented.

I think the guy sitting at the front has watched too many war movies.

And I spotted bloggers Jo and Keith Lodge with their narrowboat Hadar, in traditional costume here chatting to an LDV volunteer.