Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I brought the four domestic batteries home from Syncopation at the weekend. On our last voyage the batteries were flattened when we lost the Travelpower and then tried to bake a cake in the electric oven. I've run the engine for only a few hours since then and have been concerned about the batteries' state of charge.
I discovered that it's rather difficult to remove the batteries from thebox
they are housed in because it was installed before the frame that supports the engine room floor. To make life easier I think I'll have to make a door in the side of the box that I can remove the batteries through. It will need to be strong enough to stop the batteries falling out as well. I suspect I also need a new charger at home because the one I have takes more than 24 hours to charge a 110 Ah battery. At this rate it will take most of the week to charge all these batteries.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Travelpower Fixed

I spent most of today at the boat. I went to Syncopation with two drive belts (one spare). I had to remove the domestic alternator belt to get the new belt on the Travelpower alternator. While I was in there I retensioned the engine alternator belt also. Once it was all back together again I took her for a spin up to Gayton marina and back to put some charge into the batteries.

While I was beavering away in the engine 'ole I was passed by to coal boats in the space of 30 minutes. First was Jubilee going north, then it was Bletchley, going south.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fish 4 Parts

The quest for a new Travelpower drive belt has come to a close at last with the internet supplier Fish4Parts coming up with the right part. After trying numerous on-line suppliers and three different chandlers unsuccessfully I hit upon Fish 4 Parts. When I couldn't find a 6PK1280 poly-vee belt on their web site I rang their contact number and their sales staff have found what I need. I just have to wait for it to arrive now.

Unfortunately we completely flattened Syncopation's domestic battery bank on the way home on Saturday and I'm not convinced the domestic alternator is supplying a charge so they batteries will stay flat until I can fit the new Travelpower belt and charge the batteries that way.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Return to Blisworth

The night on the shore power at Wilton marina left our batteries fully charged while allowing us to cook. We had to be careful not to exceed the maximum 16 amps available at the supply so only one ring on the hob was available at a time.
We travelled back to Blisworth this afternoon having shuffled the cars again. We arrived at about 3:30 PM and made it home to our cold house at 5:30 PM after unloading and tidying up the boat.

Total distance is 11 miles, 7½ flg and 0 locks.