Saturday, February 23, 2008


We spent the weekend in Devon with my sister Judi and her partner Brian. They live on a farm near Honiton and have the benefit of views like this

It's taken far too long to find a panorama editing program to stitch these pictures together and the results are not outstanding.

The panorama above was created with Panorama Factory (the free version (v1.6 ca. 1999). The one below was created using Autostitch with better results, no ghosting or obvious joins and a lot less manual intervention to fix the inadequacies. Maybe that's just the difference 8 years makes.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bulkheads fitted

Syncopation's internal bulkheads have been fitted and it has immediately become a lot easier to visualise how the internal spaces will feel.

Calorifier installed.

This blue cylinder will be hidden under the bed in the rear cabin. It is fed hot water from the engine cooling circuit and the diesel central heating boiler to provide hot water for showers and washing.
Looking forward from the same position into the bathroom:

Beyond the bathroom is the bunk room.

In the galley looking back towards the bunk room:


Syncopation has now been ballasted. Originally designed to carry 25 tons of cargo, narrowboats need to be ballasted these days. Even though Syncopation is twelve feet shorter at 60 feet and shallower draughted than a working boat would be a sofa and some kitchen cabinets still weigh a lot less than the potential cargo that could be carried in the space provided in the cabin. This is why there are a few tons of concrete blocks under the floor to ensure that she sits properly in the water.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Running Dog

Arrow is really quite hard to photograph in motion. Here's the best so far:

I cheated here. The picture you see is just a small portion of the middle of a much larger picture, cropped to make the subject central.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not a Bomb Shelter

A picture from the building where I work:

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pipes and Wires

Work progesses on Syncopation. The water supply and heating plumbing has been installed and the electric cables for the interior 12v and 240v circuits have been hung in place.

Syncopation still seems quite large inside - probably due to the lack of interior fittings or bulkheads. I'm still working on a Photoshopped picture of the proposed exterior paint scheme.
In the meantime here's the current exterior view:

From the steerer's position:

And from across the cut: