Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Olympic Rings

This afternoon the Olympic rings passed by on the Thames:

I was initially under the impression that they were being transported by water to the Olympic Park. But it would appear that these are only a set of rings, not the rings as there are various sets at different events in different places in London and other parts of the country. They set off from central London this morning, passing under Tower bridge, which was lifted specially, with Boris Johnson the mayor of London watching. Unfortunately the view I caught was of the back of the rings - they are the proper colours on the other side. Why couldn't they be painted on both sides? Apparently they will go into storage and will be seen again on the river closer to the games in 150 days' time.

Cable Car Progress

A few weeks ago the most enormous crane was assembled in North Greenwich to lift the parts of the larger pylons into place.

The crane (a Liebherr LR 13000) weighs a thousand tonnes (crane 400 tonnes and the extra counterweight behind it is 600 tonnes) and special piling was put in to support it.

The corresponding pylon on the other side of the river is more that half complete:

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've just replaced the thermostatic shower valve on Syncopation. Frost damaged it over the last few weeks. I've got away with not draining the water system for the last three winters, but I must be more vigilant in future or this is going to get expensive!

If you look closely, you can just about make out the crack around the central boss at the back of the valve.