Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lined Out

Syncopation now has full set of windows and Houdini hatches. The shell is now weather proof and the first stage of the interior fittings have gone in; the lining. Ash faced plywood sheets have been fixed to all the interior surfaces. The lining has received a preliminary coat of varnish to protect it during the fit-out. These sheets will be removed and replaced during the next phase, the electrical cabling installation. We have finalised the locations of light fittings, switches and electrical sockets. Now the shell is weather proof the engine can be installed so Syncopation will move back into the dock soon for engine installation, skin fittings for the plumbing and another coat of primer for the winter.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Syncopation has been spray foamed inside. The foam has been cut back where it covered the battens attached to the inside of the shell to take the lining.

As of this morning, half of the windows had been fitted (all the square ones) and the rest of them (the portholes) should have been fitted. The lining has been marked out and is ready to fix to the battens as soon as the windows are in place. The engine 'ole has been painted with smooth Hammerite.

The final interior plan is due to be completed this weekend as we make our preferences for the placement of electrical sockets and lights.

Large Box

I saw a large box in the yard at the boat fitters' last time I was there and although I had been told our engine was delivered on the same day as the shell I didn't connect the two. For a narrowboat engine this shipping crate is huge.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Londinium Pedo

This event is held every year in the City of London, organised with its sister event the Miglia Quadrato by the United Hospitals and University of London Motor Club. Participants follow a series of clues that lead around a course divided into a number of sections that cover the City of London. There are six sections and all are timed. To win contestants must correctly answer the maximum number of questions without incurring a time penalty. Failure to complete a section in the time allotted means that you miss time from the next section.
We entered the family event which has a reduced number of clues per section compared to the full event. Typically seven or eight answers were required instead of eleven or twelve per section. Answers are usually parts of inscriptions or signs, some clearly visible others not so easy to find.
We entered the whole family, including the dog. We managed two sections with the complete team but only two of us (and Arrow) completed the course. Dominic twisted his ankle on a kerb and had to retire. Cathy took him and Ewan home early.
This is the second year we have taken part and I am eagerly awaiting the results because last year we dropped out after four sections.

Tired Dog - home at last

Saturday, October 06, 2007

In Primer

Syncopation is now wearing her first paint scheme - grey primer. This is the traditional scheme for narrowboats during fitting out. The Sprayfoam man is due on Wednesday 10th October.

Grit Blasted and Primed

Syncopation's shell has now been blasted and the bare metal surface coated with epoxy primer. The gunwhales and the areas below the water line have been blacked with a bituminous compound.