Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back in Blisworth

We made our way north to Bugbrooke wharf where there is a winding hole, turned and made our way back to the moorings at Blisworth for lunch.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Weekend Afloat

At last! A weekend afloat. Or at least parts of it. Siobhan has asked for her tenth birthday celebration afloat in the shape of a sleepover on Syncopation. I'm so pleased! It's an excellent reason to clean everything aboard and check all the systems out. Syncopation is coming out of her winter hibernation. We moved aboard last night as a family and after a couple of hours the stove had warmed everything through. We got up this morning and spent most of the day cleaning inside and out.

The guests arrived by 3:30 PM and we moved North from Blisworth, stopping at Gayton junction for water and to empty the toilet cassettes. I tested my lastest innovation - a tap on the end of the hose so that I didn't have to dash to turn the water off as the water level reached the top. The extra weight of the valve also prevent the hose from popping out of the water filler point when there is good pressure.

The spout end is interchangeable withg a car wash brush so I also washed one side of the boat with the hose and hot water from the boat. The other side was facing the canal and I thought it prudent to leave the job until it was on the towpath side. It usually takes two buckets and more time. With the brush on the hose it's quicker.

Ewan and I then retusned home leaving Cathy, Siobhan and her guests to spend the night of the sleepover on the boat. We'll return early in the morning to drive the boat to the Bugbrooke winding hole.

Note to self: Start saving for a new set of batteries. The ones we have are showing seriously reduced capacity. The Smartguage was showing 33% capacity in the morning.

We were hoping to make it to Bugbrooke Winding hole before dark but only made it as far as Wright's Lane Bridge.

Moored at Wright's Lane Bridge No 45

Total distance is 2 miles, 2½ flg and 0 locks.