Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shower Almost Complete

The plumbing for the shower is now complete and the waterproof panels have been fitted:

The Door frames have been made and fitted. In this picture you can see the coving fitted so that the frame can be put in place:

The chimney collar has been fitted, ready to accept the stove pipe from below:

Next week, Michael will be busy fitting electrical equipment in the engine room, where the batteries have been placed on the uxter plate to see how they fit. Jason has completed all the flat doors and drawer fronts and will start on the cratch next week. Alan will be doing more varnishing of the interior.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Progress Report

Steady progress this week.

The stove surround has been clad in Masterboard to protect the woodwork from the heat from the stove.

The shower doors have been fitted:

The window liners and side hatch liners are in:

The bedside cabinet carcases have been installed.
Left hand (tall) cabinet:

Right hand (low) cabinet:

Saloon cabinet:

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bed and Saloon Progress

The cross bed base has now been built:

There are two pull out sections (on the left of this picture) that extend the bed across the cabin for use. The toilet cassette and spare will be located beneath the foot of the bed and any remaining space will be used for storage drawers. Coming soon: bedside cabinets and wardrobe.

The saloon now has the carcase for a tall cupboard installed, with some small shelves adjacent. On the other side of the door the base has been built for the stove:

A Week at the Seaside

We've just returned home after a week in Minehead. In fact we spent our time at Spring Harvest; a christian conference held each year at this time at Butlins. Ten thousand christians together for a week. It's a quite different kind of event from a normal holiday as there's always a christian activity going on.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Too Long in Chesterfield

My employers have seen fit to send me to Chesterfield for the last four weekdays and while it is a charming place I have grown tired of it's charms. Fortunately today was the last day and I have waved goodbye to the place whose most noticeable feature is an architectural disaster:
I had a couple of chances to look around the charming town centre at lunch times but spent most of my time in my company's offices about a mile to the east of the centre where there's not a great deal to see. I did manage to visit the town museum where I learned that railway pioneer George Stephenson made his home there and that there is a canal there undergoing restoration. The Chesterfield canal is still navigable for about three quarters of its original length where it was cut by the collapse of the Norwood tunnel in 1907.

Stove Arrives

Syncopation's solid fuel stove has arrived. It is a Stovax Brunel 1A multi-fuel with a dark blue enamelled finish. It came with a matching stove pipe as standard.