Monday, July 23, 2012

And back again

After an excellent morning in Cosgrove we set off back to Blisworth, arriving about 6PM. The weather was warm and sunny. I wore my new Coke hat and was mistaken by some gongoozlers in Stoke Bruerne for an employee of the Canal and River Trust. I suppose they thought that anybody wearing a hat would be some sort of official. I'm hoping it wasn't because they couldn't imagine anybody wearing it voluntarily.

Last night nearly saw me breaking the Brompton when I went over the handlebars on my way back from Tesco in Wolverton. I cycled the two miles to the store along the towpath, congratulating myself on arriving before they closed. ON the way back in the dark, I missed the single step at the beginning of the pedestrian foot bridge over the canal and hit it fast enough to send me over the handlebars. The inner tube was punctured but luckily the front wheel rim was undamaged. I had to walk the bike back to the boat, holding the ruptured shopping bag together.

8 locks

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Buckingham Canal Society

Every year (well, for the last two years at least) we go to the Buckingham Canal Society's annual festival at Cosgrove. I had even gone so far as to plan the trip, calculating our time of departure so that we could arrive in plenty of time for the evening fish and chip supper.

Astonishingly for plans I make involving getting the family out of the house all went well and we arrived at the mooring below Cosgrove lock at 3:30PM.

Moored below Cosgrove Lock.

7 Locks

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ocean Princess

This unusual narrowboat passed Syncopation today. One of the very few narrowboats designed with sea-going ability. There's a wheel inside, hence the rather spooky appearance of a narrowboat passing with nobody at the tiller.