Saturday, December 15, 2007

All Quiet

Syncopation is still afloat. I checked yesterday to make sure. No progress, as expected. I now have the first draft of the final plan for the interior layout. The bedroom at the rear of the boat still needs some thought as to where cupboards are going to go. Work is expected to recommence at the beginning of January with the installation of the engine. There is a small amount (a pint at most) of water in the cabin bilge, from condensation on the houdini hatches. With three of them, condensation can be an issue. This is something we will have to bear in mind when we are using the boat and make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

Friday, December 07, 2007

He can Jump

I think Arrow must be near full size now. He's a little over six months old:

His training is also coming along. Cathy started on the remote control commands at training class today. He has to lie down at a distance. This is new for him as all rewards have been given to him by one of us so he's used to coming to us for his reward. Now he's learning to lie down on cammand at the other side of the room and has his reward thrown to him. He also jumps for treats: